Early signs of pregnancy before missed period: pregnancy signs and symptoms are vivid among most women. Many people depend on missed periods as an early pregnancy sign or to confirm if they are truly pregnant. Although this can be the most natural and reliable form of prove, it’s not always the best for many.

Women trying to conceive can look out for these possible signs and symptoms discussed in this content that shows you are pregnant even before a missed period. This will enable you to keep on toe to knowing what to do during these moments.


And many women who depends on missed period as the only preamble to pregnancy, may end up loosing the pregnancy as they might engage in activities dangerous to their condition.
Pregnancy occurs only after an intercourse. Long before your missed period, fertilization has already taken place as sperms takes 12-24hrs to fertilize the ovum or egg, a process known as conception. Your chances of getting pregnant are within your ovulation period.

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Although every woman has different times and periods for ovulation, research shows that majority are 90% more likely to become pregnant if they have intercourse between 11-16days after their period. To elaborate this, menstrual cycles last between 21 to 35days. Menstrual cycle is the number of days your next period starts. And to know your ovulation according to the 90% women, divide your period cycles by two. Giving you half times the total days of your menstrual cycle.

This means that some women have short, medium and long cycles.
You may have confusion over the ovulation tracking and calculations. You are not alone, speak with a gynecologist if you need clarifications.

The 10% of the women will have the same menstrual cycles but ovulate at different times. Some will ovulate during their flows, others  a day after their period or even few days to the end of their cycles. Speak to your doctor or a gynecologist to know more about your period cycles.Due to this issues most women become pregnant even without knowing.

Read on to know the the 11 possible signs and symptoms for early pregnancy even before you missed your period.

Possible early signs of pregnancy are;

  1. Fatigue
  2. Spotting
  3. Breast tenderness and changes in size
  4. Nausea and vomiting
  5. Abdominal cramps
  6. Food cravings and weight gain
  7. Vagina discharge
  8. paleness and white skin
  9. fever and chills
  10. Increased libido
  11. Increased urination

1. Fatigue and dizziness

Fatigue and dizziness are the most common symptoms during early pregnancy. This is caused by the increased level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.
In early pregnancy, your body produces more blood to carry nutrients to the developing fetus. In the process, blood pressure and sugar level decreases, causing you to feel more and easily tired and weak even without tedious tasks. You can reduce fatigue and dizziness during early pregnancy by consuming more rich iron foods staying hydrated.


2. Spotting

Spotting are very common during early pregnancy. This happens before your next period comes. Some women experience spotting few days or weeks after they conceive. This occurs as a result of the uterus walls or linings shedding blood after the embryo plants itself in the walls of the womb. This process is termed as implantation hence the name implantation bleeding.

Although spotting can be mistaken for menstrual period, they can be differentiated as spotting are usually light and comes in small amount. You can use paper towel or panty liners to avoid staining your underpants. They are normally pink to light red color and last for about 12-24hours. Spotting can also be a sign of menstrual period, hormonal imbalance, stress and certain medications.

3. Changes in the breast tissue and size

One major sign you will notice in the first trimester is breast changes. The hormones estrogen and progesterone responsible for reproduction and growth, increased rapidly after conception.
Breast changes may vary from person to person meanwhile estrogen in the body causes the breast to become fuller, heavier, sensitive and tender.

The areolas, which is the pigmented skin around the nipples may turn dark or develop tiny bumps or swells indicating the glands responsible for the lubrication of the nipples for breastfeeding.
If you are expecting to conceive look out for these signs as you may be pregnant.Although other factors can trigger changes in breast, you can always check with your doctor if the changes is accompanied by sharp or chronic pains.

4. Nausea and vomiting

Not all women experience nausea or vomiting during early pregnancy, nevertheless it is one of the most common signs of early pregnancy. Due to high level of hormones, certain smells of substance and aroma may be conceived as pungent and unpleasant.

You may react differently towards food and smells that others seems to be okay with and this makes you nauseous and even vomit. Sensitivity with food smells and aroma are very common in your early pregnancy. Some pregnant women may even lost appetite during this period.


Remedies are, avoid coming into contact with food that makes you feel nauseated or eating foods that makes you vomit. Drink citrus juice or eat fruits with acidic contents like grapes to reduce and stops vomiting.

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5. Food cravings and weight gain.

Most women during pregnancy eats more portions frequently and often when pregnant. They crave for different meals and kind and always feeling hungry. Increased level of caloric intake results in weight gain.You may be pregnant if you eat more frequently than usual.

The development of the embryo requires more blood and nutrients to keep it’s growing hence your brain will be triggered to consume more food than usual. Speak to your doctor if you suddenly feel the urge to eat more often. He may as a dietitian to plan a proper diet which can be healthy for you and your baby.

Weight gain during pregnancy can be inevitable for some type of people but it can be moderated as too much weight puts you and your baby at risk during your pregnancy.


6. Paleness and fainting

Paleness also known as white skin and fainting is very common in your early pregnancy and are very visible before your missed period.This happens due to low iron level and absorption in the blood. Blood and iron is required to keep the baby growing and women who are underweight or anemic (having less iron in the blood), suffer paleness and even fainting during pregnancy.

Low iron results in low energy and because there is less of it, the heart is forced to pump oxygen to the lungs, this can result in shortness of breath and heart palpitations.

Speak to your doctor if you are experiencing low iron symptoms. Also include iron rich foods into your diet. Eat citrus fruits like grapes or oranges and beets to help increase iron level and absorption of iron in your blood.

7. Vaginal or cervical discharge.

Another sign to notice in early pregnancy is the discharge coming from your vagina. They are very common throughout the pregnancy. Look out for whitish odorless discharge that settles in your underpants.

Take note! Again early pregnancy discharge are usually odorless so if you noticed any discharge associated with odor or having any strong smell and are whitish or dark brown to greenish or yellowish, these are signs of infection. Infection may cause itching or rashes or redness around your genitals. Speak immediately to your doctor if you noticed any signs of vagina infections.

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8. Fever or chills.

It is common for pregnant women experience fever and chills during the first trimester. The rise in temperature of your body with light headedness or headache may show that you are pregnant. This may be caused by the increased level of hormones and changes your body undergoes during pregnancy.
Speak to your doctor and do not self medicate if you noticed persistent fever or chill as you may harm you and your baby.

9. Increased libido

Yes, sounds absurd right? As you may have heard, many pregnant women becomes more horny during their pregnancy and very common in the early stages. The stretching and expanding of the uterus walls may cause feelings to be touched or be more intimate.

The hormones are again responsible for this so just relax and feel normal. If you suspect anything like spike in your libido or sex urge, you may be pregnant. Speak to your doctor.

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10. Increased urination

You may feel the urge to urinate more frequently and often during pregnancy. The implication of the embryo exert pressure on the kidney to secrete urine frequently into the bladder by so doing causing the bladder to get full quickly.

11. Abdominal cramps

Abdominal cramps are very common during the early stage of pregnancy, the first trimester. The pain can be anything like mild twinges or pains in the uterine or lower abdomen. During pregnancy blood flows increase throughout the body which causes pain on the uterus.

Although these pains or cramps can be mistaken for early signs of menstrual period, pregnancy cramps are quite similar to that of menstruation. Seek medical care if the cramps becomes very mild or chronic or feeling of sharp pains in the abdomen. Eating anti inflammatory foods can help reduce the cramps.

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When to take a pregnancy test

Pregnancy test are the most accurate and reliable mean to prove than you are pregnant. In order to get clear and accurate results, it is advisable to perform pregnancy tests 11-16days after your ovulation depending on your menstrual cycles.

Those with period cycles of 21days can do the pregnancy test after 11days of ovulation whiles those with (26,28,30, and 35) days can do the test after (13,14,15, and 17)days respectively. Speak to your doctor to know and understand your period cycle. Even as you experience these symptoms, you need to do the pregnancy test.

This pregnancy test measures hCG, the human Chorionic gonadotropin. Chances are your hCG test may show false negative.Wait till the stated period of days before performing the test.
If your period has not come but your pregnancy test shows negative, speak to your doctor. Blood test may be required to prove the pregnancy or in some serious case, an ultrasound.

Take way

There is absolutely no prove for pregnancy without a positive pregnancy test, blood test or even an ultrasound. Most signs and symptoms stated are what most pregnant women shows and undergoes however, similar condition can be a sign of underlying health condition, certain medications, hormonal changes and imbalance or even ovulation. Speak to your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.


Information provided here is for educational purposes only and must not be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Monuji does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.