Visa free countries for Pakistan> The below- mentioned quotation added up the glories of traveling beautifully. No doubt, traveling is pivotal for particular growth and development. You may visit the notorious hill stations in Pakistan. It liberates your mind from the boring and monotonous routine and also revives your spirits to a great extent. It not only refreshen you up physically but also psychologically. In short, it’s always a good idea to take a break from the excitedroutine. However, worry not, because there are numerous family holiday
spots in Pakistan include heads in Pakistan that you can visit with your loved bones
, If you have a low budget.

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still, in moment’s period, traveling is getting heavy on the fund. One has to spend a handsome quantum of plutocrat to travel to another country. Some countries charge hundreds of bones
for sightseer visas. Also, piecemeal from the precious visas, the procedure of getting the visa is a tedious and time- consuming task. generally, it takes around one week to several months to get a sightseer visa if you hold a Pakistani passport.
But, the good news is that numerous countries also offer enrty visa free for Pakistan passport holders. Pakistan Visa free countries in the 1990s were veritably many. still, due to development in transnational relations with other countries, the Pakistani passport visa free countries 2022 has increased significantly, especially from 2018 onwards … We ’ve collected a list of top countries to visit that don’t bear any visa on the Pakistani passport. To visit the following countries all you need is your passport and a passion to travel and explore the prodigies of the world.

If you want to plan your holidays beforehand, we suggest you have a look at the holidays in Pakistan.

What is Visa free Traveling?

Visa free traveling is all about traveling without a paid visa. This means, with a free visa, one is able to visit a country without having to complete lengthy visa procedures. Not every country permits visa free traveling. Nationals of a country can travel visa free to another country if the governments of the two countries signed an agreement.

Pros of a Visa free Traveling

Visa free traveling comes with major advantages. Some of the major advantages include:

  • You do n’t have to partake nonpublic information. You just need a passport and you’re good to go.
    Visa free traveling comes with major cost- slice.
  • Visas can bring you a lot. In the case of visa free traveling, you do n’t have to dodge these costs. So, save up these costs and spend the plutocrat on further meaningful effects similar as recreational conditioning.
    Visa free traveling is accessible and saves loads of time.
  • You do n’t have to stay for months for the delegacy or applicable body to reuse the operation for your visa.
    You can travel whenever you want to.
  • You don’t need lengthy operation time and loads of planning to travel.
    You do n’t have to stay in those long waiting lines at border control on your appearance, and you can be one of the lucky many who can pierce the fast lanes.

Top Visa Free Countries for Pakistan Passport Holders

Here is a list of visa free countries for Pakistan in 2022 to travel to. So, let’s get started.

Country Visa Requirement Stay Duration
1. Trinidad and Tobago No visa required 90 days
2. Dominica No visa required 180 days
3. Vanuatu No visa required 30 days
4. Niue No visa required 30 days
5. Cook Islands No visa required 30 days
6. Montserrat No visa required 180 days
7. Qatar No visa required 30 days
8. Samoa no visa required 90 days
9. Palau No visa required 30 days
10. Mauritania No visa required
11. Senegal No visa required
12. Tanzania No visa required
13. Cambodia Visa on arrival 30 days
14. Maldives Visa on arrival 30 days
15. Nepal Visa on arrival 30 days
16. Cape Verde Islands Visa on arrival 30 days
17. Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival 90 days
18. Kenya Visa on arrival 90 days
19. Madagascar Visa on arrival 90 days
20. Rwanda Visa on arrival 30 days
21. Mozambique Visa on arrival 30 days
22. Seychelles Visa on arrival 90 days
23. Somalia Visa on arrival 30 days
24. Togo Visa on arrival 7 days
25. Uganda Visa on arrival 30 days
26. Tuvalu Visa on arrival 30 days
27. Timor Leste Visa on arrival 30 days
28. Comoros Visa on arrival 14 days

 1. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two beautiful islets located in the Caribbean region, near Venezuela. It’s one of the Pakistan visa free countries 2022. They’re known around the globe for their rich Creole culture andcuisine. However, you should visit Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad, If you’re fond of music and festivals. The islet also inhabits numerous fantastic species of creatures and shops. The tropical climate of the region is also a else point. On the other hand, the lower islet, Trinidad, is notorious for its beautiful strands and timber reserves.

Visa free duration of stay: 90 days

 2. Dominica

Dominica is a country that’s positioned in the Caribbean region. The mountainous geomorphology and beautiful geographies make it an excellent choice for travelers. However, rainforests and auditoriums also Dominica is the place for you, If you’re a addict of natural hot springs. Some of the notorious places that you can visit are Morne Trois Pitons public demesne, Trafalgar falls and Titou couloir.

Visa free duration of stay: 180 days

 3. Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a country located in the south pacific region. It gained fame due to its lively and adventurous tourist activities. For example, there is Jungle Zipline Canopy Tour from Port Vila, shore excursion and swims with turtles.

Visa free duration of stay:  30 days

 4. Niue

Niue is the world’s smallest nation. Its literal meaning is “behold the coconut.” The inhabitants are fluent in English as well as Polynesian language. The beautiful beaches, museums, and sceneries of Niue are to die for.

Visa free duration of stay:  30 days


 5. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is located in the pacific region with its amazing natural sites, lagoons, and rugged mountains. 86% of people speak English in the country so the communication process is quite smooth for travelers. If you are a fan of snorkeling and scuba-diving then the Cook Islands is the go-to place for you.

Visa free duration of stay:  30 days

 6. Montserrat

Montserrat is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean region. The exotic tropical region is well known for its black sand beaches, cliffs, coral reef, and sightseeing. Carr’s Bay Beach, Soufrière Hills and volcano observatory are some of the things that you should not miss in Montserrat. A tourist visa is not required for Pakistani citizens for 180 days.

Visa free duration of stay:  180 days

 7. Qatar

Still, also Qatar is going to be your go- to place, If you want to visit a Middle Eastern country but you don’t want to pay loads of cash for a sightseer visa. Qatar has blazoned visa free entry for Pakistani passport holders.

strands, mesmerizing comeuppance and stacks speak of Qatar. The rich Arabian culture and food will make your stay worthwhile. The gallery of Islamic art and old heritage spots are cherries on top.
If you’re a shopaholic also Souq Waqif is going to be your stylish friend. It’s an ancient out-of-door business positioned in Doha. It has a range of products similar as spices, beautifiers, jewels, clothes, and the list goes on.

Visa free duration of stay:  30 days

 8. Samoa

The coming country on our Pakistan free visa country list is Samoa. This tropical heaven is perfect for people who are obsessed with strands, Pina Coladas, and starry nights.

Samoa is a small country located in the South Pacific Ocean. It got notorious because of its unique and rich music, performing trades and culture. There are multitudinous tinderboxes and rainforests in the country as well. In short, get ready for a continuance experience if you’re planning to visit Samoa.
There are so numerous effects that you can do in Samoa including surfing, snorkel excursions, boat passages, hiking. You can also go for probing assignments. How cool is that? You can also visit the artistic townlets and swim with turtles.

Also, did you that Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of “ The Treasure Island ” and “ Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ” fell in love with Samoa and lived all his life over there? His hearthstone was converted into a gallery and moment numerous erudite suckers and excursionists visit the gallery.
This little heaven should be on your list for sure. The Pakistani passport holder can get a free visa for Samoa. Yes, you heard me right. Pakistanis can stay in Samoa for 90 days without a visa.

Visa free duration of stay:  90 days

 9. Palau

Palau is a collection of numerous small islands located in the Micronesian region.

If you are a fan of water bodies then do not miss Rock Islands, Southern Lagoon and Milky Way. These water heavens are perfect for people who are into diving and surfing. If you don’t like diving then you can also go for following recreational activities:

  • Go for kayaking at the Rock Islands.
  • If you want to experience the beauty of desert Island then spend a day at the camping sites. You can enjoy your day with a BBQ night and bonfire at the site
  • If you want to view the scenic beauty of Palau in a better way then take the 45 minutes helicopter tour. Trust me, it will be an unforgettable experience for you.
  • You can go for a dip in the natural pool
  • Palau is full of historical sites and rich culture. There are several WWII sites in Palau that you can visit.

Visa free duration of stay:  30 days


 10. Mauritania

Mauritania is a small yet culturally rich country positioned on the Atlantic seacoast of Africa. The country is considered to be a ground and relation between North Africa andsub-Saharan Africa. The country primarily consists of Sahara Desert and is rich in minerals and natural monuments.

Mauritania was a French colony in the 18th century and you can see the traces of French culture in the country indeed moment. Although the sanctioned religion of the country is Islam the country houses people from different races and societies.
The desert, mountains and public premises add further charm to the region. However, Mauritania is the place for you to be at, If you want to witness a rich and unique African culture. Some of the places you should visit are Terjit Oasis, Banc d’Arguin National Park and Port de Peche.

 11. Senegal

The coming visa free country for Pakistani citizens on our list is Senegal. It’s an African region known for its lively and vibrant air. Busy requests, tasty original cookery, and rich music culture make Senegal stand out in the crowd.

Interestingly, the sanctioned language of Senegal is French, still, further than 25 original languages are also spoken in the country.
The country is also notorious for its gorgeous strands and littoral beauty. The coral reef spots and fantastic strands shouldn’t be missed. However, you should check out this amazing country, If you’re in the mood of exploring a rich and unique culture.

 12. Tanzania

Tanzania is included in visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders. Another great trip destination is Tanzania. Located in the African region, Tanzania is packed with natural beauty, fantastic foliage, and fauna.

Did you know numerous fuds were set up in the Tanzanian region during multiple excavations? So, if you’re interested in history and paleontology, this place is heaven for you.
Some of the places, you can visit in Tanzania are

Mount Kilimanjaro, a mountain region perfect for sightseeing and mountain climbing.
Serengeti, a wildlife demesne known for its huge array of creatures and catcalls.
Ngoro Ngoro Conservation Area

In short, Tanzania is a perfect mix of natural beauty, audacious gests , and rich traditions. piecemeal from culture and air, the country has a huge variety of original dishes to offer.
Some of the common dishes extensively available in the country are wali( rice), ugali( sludge porridge), nyama choma( grilled meat), mshikaki( marinated beef), samaki( fish), pilau( rice mixed with a variety of spices), biriyani, and ndizi- nyama( plantains with meat).

Visa on Arrival for Pakistan in 2022

Several countries offer visas on arrival to Pakistani passport holders. These are a great option for people who want to save themselves from the hassle of getting a visa. You can get the visa on arrival on the spot and it usually takes a few minutes to process the visa.

Following is a list of places that offers visa on arrival for Pakistani citizens in 2022.

 13. Cambodia

Cambodia is among the countries with visa free travel options in Pakistan. If you are searching for a place that is a fusion of Indian and Chinese culture than Cambodia is the place for you.  Cambodia is a country that is located in the Southeast Asian region. Lush plains and majestic rivers define Cambodia. The culture of Cambodia is very interesting because it is influenced by china and India due to its geographical location. Places that can be visited are temples, archaeological sites and a royal palace, etc.

Visa valid for 30 days


 14. Maldives

Who does not know about the Maldives? It’s well known in the masses because of its exotic beaches, delicious local dishes, and scenic views. It’s a tropical region that is composed of more than 1000 coral islands. The capital of Maldives, Male, is famous for its fish markets, famous eateries and Hukuru Miskiy which is a mosque made of white coral.

Visa valid for 30 days

 15. Nepal

Nepal is also on the ‘visa on arrival countries for Pakistan’ list. Nepal is a landlocked country, situated in the Himalayan region. 70% region consists of mountains which makes it an ideal location for trekkers. The golden temples, the Himalayan range, and beautiful hill villages make Nepal a perfect destination for people who love adventures.

Visa valid for 30 days

 16. Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde islands is a horseshoe-shaped country that consists of ten volcanic islands. It is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a very safe and calm place, ideal for tourists. The salt lakes and beaches add more beauty to the country.

Visa valid for 30 days



 17. Guinea-Bissau

It is a country situated between Senegal and Guinea. The African region is known for its wildlife and natural sites. It is also one of the protected biosphere reserves in the world. In short, it is heaven for nature lovers.

Visa valid for 90 days

 18. Kenya

Another east African country that made to our list is Kenya which is located near the Indian Ocean. The awesome savannah, lakes, mountain ranges, huge variety of fauna and rift valleys makes it an ideal spot for the safari experience.

Visa valid for 90 days

 19. Madagascar

Madagascar, previously known as the Malagasy Republic is situated in the Indian Ocean. It is the world’s 2nd largest island country. The place is famous for its peppers, vanilla, and lemurs. If you are an outdoor experience lover than Madagascar is the go-to place for you.

 Visa valid for 90 days


 20. Rwanda

Rwanda is a country situated in the central African region. Savannah grasslands, tea gardens, lake resorts, and forest national parks speak of Rwanda. It is also famous for its local cuisines, especially Ugali, which is a dish made up of corn.

Visa valid for 30 days

 21. Mozambique

Mozambique is a South African region famous for its mangrove-covered plains, beaches and marine parks. It is the home of many endangered species including Mozambique. So, if you want to experience the wildlife closely than Mozambique is THE place.

Visa valid for 30 days

 22. Seychelles

It is an east African country situated near the Indian Ocean. Apart from its coral reef reserves and scenic beauty, Seychelles is known to inhabit some of the rarest animals of the world including the giant Aldabra tortoises.

Visa valid for 90 days


 23. Somalia

Somalia is an African country whose culture is a fusion of Arab and Africa. It was known as the land of a punt in ancient times because of its long and rich history. The floating top restaurant, mosques, cathedrals, and mountain ranges are must-see places in Somalia. If you are interested in art, culture, and history then Somalia might interest you. If you have a knack for history you should not miss visiting historical places in Pakistan.

Visa valid for 30 days

 24. Togo

If you in search of a peculiar yet full of fun place then Togo is the place for you. Situated on the gulf of guinea, Togo is inhabited by locals that live in clay huts that resemble small forts. Some of these huts date back to the 17th century. The country is full of markets that offer talismans, voodoo dolls, and herbal remedies.

Visa valid for 7 days

 25. Uganda

Uganda, a landlocked African country famed due to its snow-capped mountains, breathe taking waterfalls and beautiful lakes. It also has a wide range of exotic animals and birds’ species including a mountain gorilla sanctuary.

Visa valid for 30 days


 26. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is included in Pakistan visa on arrival countries. Tuvalu is a commonwealth country situated near the south pacific region. It is divided into nine small islands loaded with coral reef, beaches, and WW2 sites. The capital, Funafuti, is an excellent spot for deep diving, snorkeling and bird watching.

Visa valid for 30 days

 27. Timor-Leste

Did you know Timor Leste is considered to be the youthful independent country in the world? It lately got its independence in 2002. It was a Portuguese colony for around 200 times that’s why you’ll see a touch of Portuguese culture and traditions in the country.

After independence, the tourism assiduity in the country has flourished significantly and now numerous excursionists are visiting the country because of its exceptional beauty.
Interestingly, the name of the country is the combination of two languages Malay and Portuguese. Timor in Malay means east, hence Timor Leste is also called East Timor.

Timor Leste is an East Asian country located near the Indonesian islet. Pakistani passport holders can fluently get visa on appearance for 30 days. If you’re someone who enjoys nature walks and abysses also this country is perfect for you. if you’re a occupant of Islamabad get to know passport services in Islamabad.
There are numerous diving spots in thecountry.However, pack your bags and hit the road to Timor Leste, If you’re diver and want to dip into the beautiful ocean. You can also go for dolphin finding which is an amazing experience itself. Get to know haunted places in Pakistan.

Try to visit Timor Leste between May and December as the rainfall is beautiful during these months. After December, there are heavy rains in the area which can affect your holiday
. So, it’s better to cist the place where there’s plenitude of sun and the temperature is perfect.
The place is safe for excursionists and you can fluently visit there alone as a rambler. Also, there are numerous cheap caravansaries in the area where you can stay comfortably.

Some of the places that you might want to stay are:

  • Jaco Island
  • Matebian Mountain
  • Atauro Island
  • Mount Ramelau
  • Cristo Rei in Dili
  • Tutuala Beach.

 Visa valid for 30 days


 28. Comoros

Last but not least is Comoros. Comoros is one of the visa free countries for Pakistan 2022. It is a small yet gorgeous country located near Africa’s east coast. Comoros consists of three small islands: Ngazidja, Mwali, and Ndzouani.

Did you know that Comoros is known as the ‘perfumed islands’ because of its huge variety of perfumed fauna? The beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beauty of Comoros make it an awesome place to visit.

If you are looking for a country with neat and less crowded beaches then do visit Comoros. You can spend your time on the following beaches:

  • Chomoni Beach
  • Bouni Beach
  • Nioumachoua Beach

 Visa valid for 14 days


So, this was the list of visa free countries for Pakistani passport 2022. This was a very concise yet informative post regarding visa free countries that are ideal for Pakistani travelers who want to travel on a budget. Pakistan is full of astonishing locations which will make you fall in love with this country. I have compiled a list of the best places to visit in Lahore. If you own a car and get driving license today. Do give this article a read and let us know about the country you would like to visit. Get to know best gyms in Islamabad.

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