Visa free countries for india> A visit visa application process can be time-consuming, requiring visits to the Visa Application Center (VAC) and the Embassy/Consulate. Moreover, there is no guarantee that your visit visa will be granted by the government concerned.

Countries that offer visa free entry or visa on arrival are a much better alternative. While many countries offer the visa on arrival facility for Indians, there are also many global destinations that are visa free countries for Indians.

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Which countries can Indians visit without a visa?

There are 24 countries that you can visit for tourism without a visa in 2022 on an Indian passport. No prior visa or visa on arrival required. However, specific requirements to be allowed entry may vary from country to country.

Visa free countries for Indians, region-wise

No prior visa (that is, before traveling) or visa on arrival required by Indians to visit these countries as tourists.

Region Country
In Asia
  • Bhutan
  • Indonesia
  • Macao
  • Nepal
In Europe
  • Albania
  • Serbia
In Oceania
  • Cook Islands
  • Niue
  • Fiji
  • Micronesia
In Caribbean
  • Barbados
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Dominica
  • Haiti
  • Jamaica
  • Montserrat
  • St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Trinidad and Tobago
In America El Salvadore
In Middle East
  • Oman
  • Qatar
In Africa
  • Mauritius
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  1. Bhutan
    No visa is needed by an Indian public to visit Bhutan. A Voter Identity Card issued by the Election Commission of India, or a valid Indian passport( with a minimum of 6 month’s validity) will be demanded to gain entry into the country.
  2. Indian citizens coming to Bhutan by road must get an Entry Permit on the Indo- Bhutan Border contrary Jaigaon in West Bengal. Those coming to Bhutan by air will need to have either one of the trip Documents above- mentioned and also get the Entry Permit at the Paro International Airport.Keep in mind that an Entry Permit allows an Indian sightseer to visit Paro and Thimpu only. A Special Area Permit will be demanded to go beyond that.Stay up to 14 days

    Places to visit in Bhutan Thimphu, Bumthang, Paro, Wangdiphodrang, and Punakha.

  3. Albania Generally, a visa will be demanded for an Indian public to enter Albania as a sightseer. still, an Indian passport holder that has a valid B- 1/ B- 2 visa for the United States can get an Albaniae-visa through the Electronic Travel Authorization( ETA) process.An Indian public that holds a visa by a Schengen country, the US or the UK can enter Albania( for 90 days) without a visa. To be eligible, the Schengen/ UK/ US visa must be valid, multiple entry, and preliminarily- used at least formerly before traveling to Albania.ETA processing time 20 days

    Places to visit in Albania Saranda, Berat, Theth, Kruja, and Tirana.

    Cook IslandsTourist visas aren’t needed for citizens of India for a stay up to 31 days.

    Places to visit Cook islets Avarua, Aitutaki, Arorangi, Aroa Marine Reserve, and Titikaveka sand.

  4. Barbados No visa is needed by Indian citizens looking to travel to Barbados for tourism. still, a previous evidence will be demanded by the Barbados Immigration Department. Visit the sanctioned website, fill up the operation form and gain all the necessary documents as needed. Barbados subventions Indian citizens visa free stay of over to 90 days.Places to visit in Barbados Flower Forest, nethermost Bay Beach, Harrison’s Cave, Crane Beach, and Town Bridgetown.
  5. SerbiaSerbia is the only European country that Indians can go to without a visa. There’s no need to get a previous visa before entering Serbia as a sightseer. Holders of ordinary Indian passports can visit Serbia from India for over to 30 days within a period of one time. Those with sanctioned and politic passports of India can visit Serbia for over to 90 days without a visa.Places to visit in Serbia Drvengrad, Gamzigrad, Kosmaj, Kalemegdan, and Skull Tower
  6. El Salvadore An Indian public does not need a previous visa for traveling to El Salvadore for tourism or business purposes. still, they will need to get an El Salvadore sightseer card for USD10 upon appearance in the country. This card will be valid for a 90 days ’ period from the date of entry.Places to visit in El Salvadore Playa el Espino, Santa Ana, Suchitoto, Tazumal, and Playa El Tunco.British Abecedarian IslandsIndian citizens do n’t bear a sightseer visa to visit British Virgin Islands( BVI) for tourism related matters.

    Places to visit in British Virgin Islands Road Town, The cataracts, Smuggler’s Cove, Anegada Island, and Dead casket National Park.

  7. Indonesia Generally, no visa is demanded for Indians to visit Indonesia as excursionists.Places to visit in Indonesia Jakarta, Surabaya, Puncak, Bekasi, and Medan.
  8. Oman While the Visa on appearance( VOA) installation was before available for Indians traveling to Oman on tourism, the same has now been replaced with the demand to get a traditional visa to travel to Oman.Indians that hold any of the following might apply for the Oman eVisa-A valid Schengen visa,
    A hearthstone permit from Australia,
    A hearthstone permit from Canada,
    A hearthstone permit from Japan,
    A hearthstone permit from the UK,
    A hearthstone permit from the US, or
    A hearthstone permit from a GCC country.

    An Indian public that doesn’t have any of the below- mentioned will have to secure an Oman sightseer visa.

    Places to visit in Oman Nizwa, Salalah, Muscat, Khasab, and Bahla.

    NiueNiue sightseer visas aren’t demanded for Indian passport holders. Stay of over to 30 days permitted.

    Places to visit in Niue Alofi, Palaha Cave, Matapa Chasm, Namukulu, and Makefu.

    DominicaThe Dominican Republic( DR) sightseer visas won’t be demanded by an individual- irrespective of their nation- that’s( 1) either a legal occupant of or( 2) has any of the specified valid visas( Schengen, Canada, US, or UK). Those who do n’t have a passport or visa mentioned over will have to get a sightseer visa to visit the Dominican Republic.

    Indians that are a legal occupant of or hold a visa from any of the Schengen countries, Canada, US, or UK won’t bear a sightseer visa for Dominica.

    original stay of 30 daysallowed.However, an fresh figure upon departure will have to be paid, If staying beyond that period.
    Places to visit in Dominica Boiling Lake, Roseau, Victoria Falls, Kalinago Territory, and Cabrits National Park.

    Qatar Indian citizens traveling to Qatar on an Indian passport( valid for at least six months ’ from the date of operation) are eligible for the Qatar visa disclaimer upon appearance, doing down with the need to get a Qatar visa for tourism. Hence, Indian citizens do n’t need a visa to visit Qatar. Citizens of 95 countries can mileage visa-free entry into Qatar. The length of stay allowed varies from caller to caller.

    Do note that India isn’t on the list of countries eligible for Qatare-Visa.

    Places to visit in Qatar Mathaf, Film City, Barzan Towers, Falcon Souq, and Zekreet Fort.

    FijiCitizens of India do n’t need a sightseer visa to travel to and stay in Fiji for over to 120 days. A Fiji visa for tourism purposes can be for- a single entry a Single Entry Visa( SEV); or for multiple entries a Multiple Entry Visa( MEV). While the SEV is valid for three months, the duration of stay allowed on an MEV for each entry shouldn’t exceed four months.

    Places to visit in Fiji Suva, Naddi Village, Lautoka, Nausori, and Levuka.

    MacaoIndian citizens can mileage visa-free entry into the Macao Special Administrative Region for 30 days.

    Places to visit in Macao Macau Tower, Guia Fortress, Kun Iam Statue,St. Paul’s remains, and Senado Square.

    MicronesiaIndians citizens can travel to Micronesia without a visa. After appearance in the country, your passport can be shown at the immigration country to get an entry stamp. generally a stay of one month is allowed visa-free for Indians. The exact duration that you can stay will be as per the stamping done.

    Places to visit in Micronesia Weno, Colonia, Yap, Kosrae, and Pohnpei.

    HaitiNationals of certain countries- Yemen, Vietnam, Iran, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Libya, Syria, Panama, and Columbia- must apply at least one- month previous for a Haiti sightseer visa. Citizens of all other countries, similar as India, do n’t need a visa for visiting Haiti. Only the passport-valid for a minimum of six months- will have to be submitted to the Haitian immigration on appearance in the country. A sightseer figure of$10.00 will have to be paid at the field.

    Places to visit in Haiti Labadee, Citadelle, Gelee Beach, Bassin Bleu, and Site des Ramiers.

    Jamaica Indian citizens don’t bear a Jamaica sightseer visa for visiting the country for tourism purposes.

    Places to visit in Jamaica Bob Marley Museum, Rio Grande, Black River, Boston Bay, and Blue Mountains.

    Montserrat Indian citizens, living in India and traveling to Montserrat from India, do n’t bear a visa to travel to Montserrat.

    Places to visit in Montserrat Plymouth, Cot Trail, Woodlands Beach, Soufriere Hills Volcano, and Rendezvous Beach.

    Nepal Every foreign public that intends to enter Nepal- except the citizens of India- will need a Nepal sightseer visa. As an Indian public, you do not need a visa to visit Nepal. While some might get a visa before they travel to the country, others can gain a Nepal visa on appearance rather. Indian citizens can use either their Election card( issued by the Election Commission) or valid Indian passport to enter Nepal.

    Places to visit in Nepal Nagarkot, Mount Everest, Davis Falls, Ilam, and Khumbu Valley.

    Kitts and NevisAs India isn’t on the list of countries that need visas to travel toSt. Kitts and Nevis, Indian citizens can travel to the country without a visa.

    Places to visit inSt. Kitts and Nevis Basseterre, Mount Liamuiga, Timothy Hill, Banana Bay, and Port Zante.

    MauritiusNo visa needed for Indian citizens to visit Mauritius as excursionists.

    Places to visit in Mauritius Port Louis, Ile Aux Cerfs, Le Morne Brabant, Tamarind falls, and Flic en Flac.

    Trinidad and TobagoIndian citizens do n’t need a visa to visit Trinidad and Tobago and stay within the country for over to 90 days. As of now, all foreign citizens traveling to Trinidad and Tobago will be needed to get a TTravel Pass from the online gateway.

    Places to visit in Trinidad and Tobago Fort King George, Pigeon Point, Cumana Bay, Port of Spain, and Maracas Bay.

    Senegal No visa needed for Indian citizens looking to visit Senegal as excursionists.

    Places to visit in Senegal Dakar, Ziguinchor, Tambacounda, Mboro, and Thies.

    Seychelles Anyhow of your nation, there is no demand to get a Seychelles sightseer visa if visiting the country for the purposes of- vacation, visiting musketeers/ family, pleasure, or business. A Seychelles caller’s permit will be issued on appearance in the country.

    Places to visit in Seychelles Praslin, Mahe, Victoria Market, Eden Plaza, and Le Jardin Du Roi.

    In conclusion

    Being visa free for Indians means that no visa will be needed of any kind from Indian passport holders. There’s no demand to get a sightseer visa before you travel, an electronic visa(e-visa), or a visa on appearance to visit a sightseer destination that’s among the visa free countries for Indians.

    Visa free countries for Indians shouldn’t be confused with countries that offer the installation of visa on appearance forIndians.However, you’ll bear no kind of visit visa at any point of time to enter that destination, If a country is visa free for Indians. In case of visa on appearance, on the other hand, you’ll have to get a visa stamping done at the harborage of entry after you enter that country as an Indian sightseer.


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