List of Companies That are Hiring Students Remotely Right Now

Companies That are Hiring Students Remotely – Recently, remote jobs are becoming more popular than before. The main reason is due to the influence of the global pandemic. Many companies had to transfer the operation into a distant form. This can be pretty useful for learners who want to earn some money and study at the same time. Remote work implies that there is no need to waste time on the road. At the same time, salaries can be paid to you the same as if you would work in the office.

Who Can Hire Me?

If you wonder “Can I work for a US company remotely?”, the answer will please you. A large number of companies not only in the USA but around the entire world hire students on various remote jobs. You can easily go to the website with current vacancies and send your resume to the desired company.

Nevertheless, there is a need to be careful during viewing job advertisements since you can appear in the trap of fraud. Ordinary users will have problems distinguishing fake advertisements from real job advertisements of employers. As a rule, cybercriminals can utilize infected links in vacancies in order to get access to your personal data and steal it.
Thus, it is important to utilize VPN for MacBook or Windows together with an antivirus. If you are an owner of a Mac, then you are very lucky. Nowadays, defining the best VPN Mac is not as complicated as it seems. For example, VeePN is exactly what you need in order to keep your private data hidden. The VPN for MacBook free of interruptions is your security from online frauds.

After you take care of your personal data, you can search for open vacancies without worrying. In order to save your time, we prepared a list of companies that can hire you right now. All you need to do is to send your resume or CV and wait for a quick response from employers.


This company is focused on assisting other organizations to turn more leads into revenue. It hires employees from the USA and Europe. Thus, you can possibly be the next worker of this company. It offers a good salary and flexible working hours. This implies you can select that schedule that would best suit your individual lifestyle.

Anthem, Inc.

Who says that companies in the healthcare sphere can not offer fully remote jobs. If you view Anthem, Inc., you will find out that this large company proposes open vacancies in health care, insurance, project management, and administration. All workers receive a comprehensive benefits package. Aside from flexible work hours, you can also get additional privileges. Some of them are PTO, adoption help, parental leave, etc.


Atlassian is one of the greatest companies in the sphere of tech. Previously, it offered only offline vacancies. But now Atlassian can be an answer to the “Who is hiring the most right now?” question. Its headquarter is in Australia but you can be hired from any corner of the world. Aside from a fair salary, you will get growth and development opportunities.


Being a staffing company, Boldly picks assistants for supervisors and other administrative staff for companies. If you are employed by Boldly, you are going to work with a single client. You will be the main support for this client for approximately 2.5 years. The client will be matched with you according to your interests and availability.
The company was founded in 2012 and is considered fully remote. It offers flexible working hours, paid holidays, PTO, etc. Among current “hot” vacancies we can enumerate:

  •         executive workers;
  •         legal assistants;
  •         administrative workers;
  •         marketing assistants.

Being a student, you can also select to be hired full-time and part-time. Your salary depends on how many hours you have worked. What’s more, is that there are opportunities for salary increase and career growth.


Everybody loves music but what if we say that you can work in this direction. One of the most popular music streaming and media services providers provides people with remote job positions. Of course, we are talking about Spotify whose headquarters is in Sweden. Still, it does not hinder Spotify to hire employees from all over the globe. Aside from standard work conditions and good payment, every employer gets a free membership to this streaming platform.


Twitch does not offer fully remote jobs. This is most likely a hybrid company. Its offices are located in Australia, Singapore, Canada, and the USA. Nevertheless, you can be hired for one of the remote positions. Twitch posts actual vacancies that can be restricted to definite countries but there are also open job positions that have no geographical restrictions. The Twitch company is known as a place where people can chat and interact with each other.

Concluding Words

If you are not ready to work in offices for a reason you need to study, there is no necessity to worry. Remote work gains popularity every day and more open vacancies appear for job seekers from all over the world. Working remotely does not mean you will have a lower salary or fewer perks. You will be considered a complete member of the working team.
If you are looking for the best work from home companies, we have something to offer to you. There is a possibility to familiarize yourself with an enumeration of companies that employ remote workers right now. There is no necessity to pass a special hiring process in order to get a remote job. Just present your powerful resume or CV to a potential employer and wait for an invitation to a job interview.

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