She Code Africa Laptop Scholarship Fund 2022

SShe Code Africa Laptop Scholarship Fund 2022 – Apply to benefit from our She Code Africa Laptop scholarship initiative; Every quarter for 2022 we plan to give out brand new laptops to ladies in tech within the She Code Africa community, who cannot afford to own one.

Hey there, This is our means of seeing that you pull through in this tech journey


Here are a few details to keep in mind:

Only applications submitted via this form are due for consideration. You don’t have to send us DMs, tweet at us, or reply via threads.

Only valid members of the She Code Africa community are eligible to apply (visit to apply for membership).

You must be following She Code Africa on either of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn].

Every application will be cautiously screened, and selections will be made on merit.

She Code Africa reserves the right to reach out for further screening of selected applications.

Applicants Must not already own a working laptop and must already have started their journeys in tech.

Application deadline for Q2 closes on the 18th June 2022.

Click Here To Apply

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