Get to Know Jennifer Aniston’s Half-Brother Alex

One of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston has plenty of famous siblings to share her spotlight with. In fact, besides her wildly successful career as an actress, she’s also the sister of fellow Hollywood icon and director David Aniston.

However, unlike most of Jennifer’s famous family members, few people know about Alex Aniston; Jennifer’s half-brother who happens to be just as talented as his sister. Click through this article to learn more about Alex and why you should follow him on social media.

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Alex Aniston

5 Things to Know About Jennifer Aniston’s Brother

Alex Aniston was born on January 10, 1989 to parents John and Nancy. His father is English and his mother is Scottish.

He attended the University of California at Berkeley for two years before transferring to the University of Southern California where he studied film production.

He had a long-term relationship with actress Amanda Crew in 2006, but they broke up in 2011. It’s also been rumored that he dated Kendall Jenner.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Them

1. Alex was born four years after his sister, Jennifer.
2. He has a daughter who he shares custody with after his first marriage ended in divorce.
3. It is rumored that he may be Brad Pitt’s son due to the physical resemblance and because Pitt was dating/married to Jennifer’s mom when she was pregnant with Alex.

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Alex Aniston

3 Things They Have In Common

Jennifer Aniston and her half-brother, Alex, have a lot in common. They both have an interest in science and are huge animal lovers.

They both lost their father when they were young, but they’re not sure if it happened the same year because their mother is tight-lipped about it. And finally, they both love living in Los Angeles with their mothers.

Why doesn’t he get along with his sister Jennifer Aniston?

Despite being siblings and being the children of the same father, Jennifer and Alex’s mothers are not the same.

He has two daughters. One is a recognized actress from his first marriage, Nancy, and another is a non-celebrity son from his second marriage, Sherry Rooney.
Alex’s older sister is also an actress, and he has worked as a street seller since he was a child. Because of her sister’s celebrity, he avoids her.

Alex and Jennifer have two different parents.

They are the offspring of a single father, so their family background will be confusing to everyone. aniston’s mom is another actor, Nancy Dow; she gave birth to Jennifer, Aniston’s first child with Nancy.

They divorced when their father was approximately 56 years old.
They are also shown together with Alex’s mother, Sherry Rooney Jones, who is not a celebrity. The information has not yet been verified that his father had a stepson, John T. Melick.

Alex Dating is a theatrical experience.

In the community, Alex’s life has been the subject of much discussion. His controversy is more well-known. His first wife, Adriane Hallek, with whom he had a child, was the first woman he dated.

The couple split up and went on with other people after Ryat Aniston was born in 2014, and Kira Aniston was born years later in 2016. Isn’t this a dramatic story? He now works with an Australian veterinary technician named Kiri Peita. Both couples are currently enjoying each other’s company.

Despite having two children, Alex did not marry Hallek.

We knew that he had been living with Adriane Hallek, who is just as content as he is. She had been with him for a long time. They expected Jennifer’s stepbrother would eventually marry her.

Besides bearing two children and being a good parent to them, she was looking forward to finally formalizing their status.

After a while, it came to light that they had ended their relationship, having decided that it just wasn’t working out. It seemed like they argued a lot, but really just had little disagreements every now and then. Alex will be able to manage his personal life better shortly, nevertheless.

Alex Aniston is continually changing occupations. Why?

While Alex’s father is also an actor, he insists he’s not as rich and well-known as his father and stepsister. Once he was engaged to a world famous actress, he became unemployed, trying different occupations like acting, screenwriting, and music.

He first had to sell himself as a street vendor. However, he was never able to because he became known as a life scoundrel. He no longer had the ability to draw any following. According to reports, he went undercover following that event. Investigation indicates that now he is in the skull business.

Alex dislikes discussing his brothers.

Lives, including the lives of celebrities, can be full of surprises. We might think we’re up to date on their whereabouts.

Jennifer, as some of you may not know, is an accomplished and popular actress, with recent notoriety coming from her role on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She has no other siblings, just Alex, who is her stepbrother. Jennifer is known for her appearances in various American TV series, but her brother detests being in front of the camera. We most recently saw him at Jennifer’s movie premiere.

Alex Aniston’s Net Worth in 2022

Although Alex is the son of the wealthiest father, he is not considered the richest son. Alex earned $100,000 by cleaning and selling.