Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel- Net Worth, Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Height, Career: A Closer Look

The aforementioned Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel is the daughter of American actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

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Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel Biography

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel is nine years old and is an Aquarius. Whereas Beatrice was born in the U.S. and is an American citizen, Dominic was born elsewhere, belongs to another country, and belongs to another religion.

Beatrice was born into a very well-known and quite prestigious family, with origins including Jewish-Germanic-British descent. Bryce Dallas Howard, granddaughter of an American director, producer, and actor and daughter of an American actor and director, was born to a pair of actors.

Actor Seth Gabel is known for his role on Fringe, as well as Cotton Mather on WGN. Bryce Dallas Howard, also an actor, is the eldest daughter of director Ron Howard. Additionally, Beatrice has two famous aunts, Paige Howard and Jocelyn Howard.

Additionally, as for her other family members, she has one older sister. Her older sister, Theo Howard, was born on 16th February, 2007.

To sum up her situation, her age makes her a student at an elementary school, and because she comes from a powerful family, she lives in luxury. Moreover, she may be attending a prestigious college or university, but she is not listed as attending the corresponding institution.

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Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel Height, Weight

She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces at birth, but her exact body measurement is not available yet because she is still very young and will continue to grow as she ages. She has a fair complexion, blonde hair, and brown eyes.

Aside from that, despite being born into an acting family, she is seldom in the spotlight. Aside from that, little is known about her. Beatrice’s family is a mystery to the general public. Beatrice’s parents are Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel. During their studies at New York University in New York City, both parents met and quickly became friends.

In 2006, after dating for over five years, they were married after forming a sharing-friendly bond. She was also expecting her first child a month after her parents’ wedding. Her elder sister was also born a month later.

Her sister Theodore, however, developed a mood disorder after the birth of her sister. With the assistance of her parents and a physician, she also overcame depression after 18 months.

After getting her father’s surname and inheriting his talent on stage, it can be said that Beatrice was blessed with good genes.
She currently resides in Los Angeles where she often visits her father who lives there too.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel’s Net Worth

That being said, she doesn’t work or have an outside career and her net worth is just $500k because she was born into a well-to-do Hollywood family.

Likewise, his father has accumulated over $3 million thanks to her parents’ earnings. Likewise, her mother has an estimated net worth of $16 million. Her mother and her grandfather amassed their wealth from the profits generated by both of their estates that were sold for more than $6.4 million each.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say that Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel was born into a wealthy Hollywood family with connections in high places. Furthermore, the estimate on her mother’s net worth alone would make up for most people’s annual salary.

And although Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel herself may not be earning any money at present time, this doesn’t mean she won’t someday if/when she enters a successful acting career like her sister Natasha Lyonne who starred in American Pie as Nadia Campanella.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel Relationship Status

The current relationship status of Beatrice is straight and single. She is still a child who is more concerned about her studies than any romantic relationship. Additionally, she will undoubtedly be in a loving relationship soon based on her humble personality.

As for the net worth of Beatrice Gabel? It is not yet known but it can’t be higher than $5 million considering that he parents are billionaires. There isn’t much information on this 11 year old actress at this time.

What we do know is that she is the daughter of famous Hollywood actor Dustin Gabel and businesswoman Victoria Jackman. We also know that Beatrice was born in 2011 so she should be around 11 years old right now with unknown date of birth due to privacy concerns.

The first appearance of this child star was on Saturday Night Live when she played a girl during Donald Trump’s meeting with Kanye West and Steve Harvey over breakfast! Her next gig will be in 2019 as Olive Hoover in A Dog’s Way Home alongside Ashley Judd and Edward James Olmos. For more information on this rising talent, follow her Instagram account @beatricegabel_.