Izabella Hamilton: Daughter of Wave Surfer and Model Laird Hamilton

Izabella Hamilton: Daughter of Wave Surfer and Model Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton  father to Izabella Hamilton is one of the most recognizable names in surfing, especially since he and his wife Gabrielle Reece became models for Billabong in 2006. Laird and Gabrielle also have 3 kids, two girls and one boy. The oldest child, born to Laird and Gabrielle’s first spouse, is 19 year old, Malia Catherine Hamilton, who recently signed up with IMG Models out of New York City when she turned 18 years old.

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Laird Hamilton is a model and a Pro surfer.

Laird Hamilton, Izabella’s father, is both a model and a surfer. The first person to perform a full 360 degree rotation. The great surfer, Laird is renowned for creating pioneering surfing methods like tow surfing and foil boarding.

The biggest contributor to Laird’s worldwide acclaim is the steady high speed surf of 35 feet and 30 miles per hour. The strange thing about her father was that he never competed and went so far as to avoid the World Championship surfing Tour despite his renown as a terrific surfer.

Not only did Laird’s interest in modeling and acting not abate but increased, much like the fascination with such an activity by Izabella’s father. He has participated in many shoots with well-known figures including the actress Brooke Shields.

He was featured in the films North Shore and Moving Target, among many other films, and will next be appearing in the films The Descendants and Point Break. She had always found it funny how her dad would tell people she modeled.

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izabella hamilton

Broken married life of parents

The parents of Izabella have separated. They married in 1992, and Izabella joined them three years later. As a result of her parents’ divorce in 1995, there is no information regarding Izabella’s custody as a result. It is unclear how she is related to her mother, but she is regularly seen with her father.

After her first marriage ended in divorce, many stories claim she never married again. In 1998, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which has since been treated. In 2009, they moved from Malibu back to Hawaii.

Even though she lived in the States for most of her life, when speaking to an English publication about living in the US she said It’s not home.
In 2013, Izabella attended Loyola Marymount University for two semesters before transferring to the University of Southern California.

In 2016, it was reported that during summer break at USC, she interned at Kushner Companies and interned at Vogue Magazine. She also attended meetings alongside President Donald Trump while he campaigned for his 2020 election campaign , both in 2018 and 2019. Her latest project is being featured on the new FOX reality show My So-Called Life set to air this fall.

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The ex-wife is a trained surfer

Izabella’s parents have a shared interest in surfing. Maria, Izabella’s mother, discovered her love for surfing when she was thirteen. Her fascination with this line of work extends from that point forward. She was the first woman to surf in the hazardous waters of Peahi, Maui.

Laird’s ex-wife is practically a master surfer with expertise in every area of surfing, including tow-in surfing, foil surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, Hawaiian canoeing, and tandem surfing stand-up paddle. Now, she specializes in stand-up paddling, SUP Downwind, SUP surfing, SUP yoga, SUP racing, and large wave surfing in addition to surfing.

She has also founded Hamilton Surfboards. Though she is retired, Maria has always been an avid competitor who frequently competed in events all over the world.

Some highlights include winning the 1998 Longboard World Championships and holding five titles on the International Body Board Association tour as well as being crowned champion of the US Open Women’s Stand Up Paddle event on three separate occasions .

With such a career, it is no wonder that this trained surfer would want to share her knowledge and passion for the sport with her daughter Izabella.

Father’s second marriage

Izabella’s mother did not attend the second wedding, but her father did with Gabrielle Reece. Reece is not only a professional volleyball player, she is also a sports broadcaster and actress from the United States.

Besides her playing career, she has been a fashion model and a brand ambassador for various corporations, including Ebel Sportwave, Nike Sportswear, Dannon Light, and Pure Via. Izabella’s parents married for the second time in 1997 on November 30th, and their love story is unlike any other.

After meeting each other for the first time in 1995, when Reece presented the television show ‘Extremists,’ they went on to begin dating. Although they did not fall in love that first time they met, Laird was pleased to find Reece intelligent.


The daughter of Laird and Maria, Izabella has no siblings. Although her father and stepmother have given her two half-siblings. The sisters she is closest to are Reece Brody and Viola Hamilton. She gets along well with them. Often, she is seen with her siblings and stepmother.