Jack Fielder: Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth, and Relationship

Blake Fielder-Civil was previously employed as a video production assistant. His mother was Sarah Aspin. Also, he is known as Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband. The legendary vocalist has released albums like Back to Black, which included popular songs such as You Know I’m No Good. Jack Fielder Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth, and Relationships.

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Jack Fielder

Jack Fielder Biography

Born in England in 2011, Jack will be ten years old in 2021. Jack Fielder-Civil has three parents. Jack is Blake Fielder-Civil’s son and Sarah Aspin is Jack’s mother.

Moreover, he has a sister, Lola Jade Fielder-Civil. In addition, he descends from Lance Fielder and Georgette Civil.
Ultimately, he will eventually attain British citizenship, embrace his parent’s religion, and identify with his Caucasian background. Nonetheless, he may also pursue his American heritage and explore what it means to be biracial or multiracial.

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Jack Fielder Height and Weight

The picture of Jack Fielder shows a cute, endearing little boy who is still growing and has not reached his maximum height and weight. The man does not share information about his height, weight, and other body measurements on the internet. His hair is brown, and his eyes are brown.

He grew up in Port Huron, Michigan and he graduated from Western Michigan University in 2013 with a degree in psychology. He is involved with several charity organizations like AmeriCorps St. Louis and Upstream Arts Project where he works to help at-risk youth through arts education.

The talented musician was raised by two parents in an upper-middle-class household where they could provide him with all the necessary things for him to be successful in life.

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The fact that Jack Fielder is still too young to begin a career means that he is entirely dependent on his parents for everything he needs. It is possible he will pursue one of the professions of his parents.

As a Blake Fielder-child, he rose to prominence. His friendship with Amy Winehouse also brought Civil’s Blake Fielder-Civil to prominence, but he is primarily employed as a video assistant.
While Amy is a well-known singer in the United States, Jack has appeared in a variety of occupations, including television shows such as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Good Morning Britain, and Amy.

Amy Winehouse has penned numerous songs and singles, along with chart-topping albums such as Frank, Back to Black, and Lioness. Treasures buried beneath the surface.
There are also documentaries and initiatives dedicated to her, including Amy, Amy Winehouse: Back to Black, and Reclaiming Amy.

It was alleged by fans that he was responsible for Amy Winehouse’s sad demise from alcohol poisoning in 2011. Aside from his crack and heroin abuse, he was later arrested in November 2019 on charges of arson.

Jack Fielder Net worth in 2022

Due to the prominence and wealth amassed by his parents over the years, Jack Fielder was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In 2022, Jack’s net worth is unknown, while Blake’s is approximately $1 million.

As of 2021, Amy Winehouse, Blake’s ex-wife, has approximately $10 million US dollars in net worth , making her one of the wealthiest women alive. The same can’t be said for Jack Fielder, who remains single as of 2020. It doesn’t seem like he’ll marry or even date anyone anytime soon.

But if he does ever want to settle down, it won’t take long for him to find someone willing to marry him. One of the only things more attractive than money is power and both are an easy catch for any woman looking to win a prize.

When you’re rich, handsome, and have plenty of options at your fingertips…there’s no need to search high and low when you already have what you want right in front of you.

Jack Fielder Relationship

Switching to his romantic life, Jack Fielder has never been married. In fact, he is much too immature to be in a relationship with someone.

The funny thing is that even though he claims to have found the perfect girl for him, this just seems like another excuse for not committing himself to a serious relationship.

He does have many different women friends who are also successful celebrities. He claims that it’s not always about sex but rather being there for them as friends. He feels like they would need each other during these tough times.

His closest friend would probably be Elle King because of their special bond due to their love for music. He also states that he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about his personal life and sometimes wishes people would just mind their own business.

Jack Fielder

Blake and Sarah Relationship

His parents met at a recovery center to battle heroin addiction, but previously he was married to Amy Winehouse. Amy was a well-known vocalist but died in 2011, 27 years of age from alcohol poisoning.
They were married on the 18th of May 2007 following a courtship.

However, they later divorced on the 16th of July 2009 due to arguments, domestic violence, and infidelity. Besides his gender preference and some lack of drama, he’s also content.