Who is Lakesha Draine?  Age, Height, Net Worth, and Husband

The public first became aware of Lakesha Draine because she was married to Jim Rose, a well-known American sports presenter and commentator.
In addition to her fame as a spouse, Lakesha Draine also developed a great reputation as a commercial businesswoman.

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 Lakesha Draine
Lakesha Draine’s Net Worth

In her residence, Lakesha Draine and her family live in opulence. She is a social media celebrity with a large following. She has a net worth of $600,000 as of 2021, according to Forbes.

You can follow her public life on a number of social media platforms. Her current employer, L Design Group, pays her well.

The Swan Group, whose net worth consists of a large portion of her husband’s, pays her an annual salary of $60,000 dollars. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million dollars.

He works for ABC 7 Chicago. Over $100,000 is his annual salary.
ABC 7 Chicago’s anchor pay scale starts at $63,000 dollars and goes up to $120,000 dollars.
Lakesha Draine’s age is 31 years. She has a child named Julian.

Her height is 1.7 meters which equals 5’4. Her face looks pretty with her light brown hair color.

She doesn’t seem to have had any plastic surgery or any beauty treatments like Botox injections or laser peels. Draine likes the sound of bells ringing.

When she was a little girl she wanted to become a veterinarian but now she wants to do something else because the job is too difficult and it makes her too sad when animals die.

That’s why she became a designer instead. Her favorite animal is polar bear and also big cats like lions and tigers.

She loves her tiger-print purse that is made out of real tiger fur! Lakesha Draine was born on July 3rd 1987 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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 Lakesha Draine

Lakesha Draine Husband, Marriage

Lakesha Draine, a wealthy business owner, is married to Jim and has two children with him.

The couple decided to get married after being in a committed relationship for a long period of time. They have a fantastic relationship. Drain’s Twitter handle is a perfect demonstration of their bond.

Mr. and Mrs. Rose have been happily married for a decade and have no plans to separate. The course of their long marriage, they have been blessed with two beautiful children.

Their two children are Jayson and Suzette. Despite the couple’s demanding work schedules, they are capable parents who give their children the attention and affection they need. I believe that Draine has a good relationship with her family.

Prior to his long-term commitment to Lakesha, Jim was the engaged to various women on an occasional basis. Cheryl Burton was his second wife and together they had two children; they have been together since 1986.

The former couple met for the first time in their early twenties. At the time, Cheryl was a cheerleader. All that being said, they weren’t able to keep the relationship together and they divorced in 1995. Additionally, after they got divorced there’s no record of Burton.

It wasn’t long before he met his third wife named Debbie Flagg. The couple met at a party in 1998 and began dating each other. At that time she was an actress.

Despite their long relationship together as husband and wife, they were not blessed with any children together; however, Draine has three children from his previous two marriages to Burton and Flagg respectively.

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Lakesha Draine Biography

in appearance she appears to be in her forties, but she was born and raised in the United States. Her hair is dark, her eyes are black, Lakesha frequents social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Whereas Mrs. Draine has revealed little about her past life, her husband is an articulate, charming individual who, in many respects, appears to be an entirely different type of man.

It appears that Mrs. Draine was an investment banker during her early career years. She also had a degree in business administration from Harvard University. She most recently worked for a private equity firm as a senior manager before leaving to help out at home.

Her husband on the other hand, has never held a regular job in his life since he comes from money and was thus able to pursue interests such as business ownership without earning an income first.

Mr. Draine is not interested in going into any further detail about how or when their paths crossed, but it seems clear that he married his wife because of what she could do for him.

She’s not just my trophy wife, he assures us, as if we were going to accuse him of being less than honest with regard to their relationship. Lakesha’s been instrumental in helping me get this far and I can’t imagine doing this without her.

Sure, I have plenty of money, but no one can ever take away my degrees! And trust me when I say that even though I’m nearly twice her age, I’m every bit as youthful as she is. For example, I’m already planning to go back to school and earn my PhD so Lakesha can be proud of me.