Anambra State teachers – Some teachers who were recruited by the Parent-Teachers Association in Anambra State protested against their disengagement by Gov Chukwuka Soludo following a reorganization exercise in the ministry of education.

The affected teachers who barricaded the entrance to the state House of Assembly in Awka during the protest were converted to permanent staff by the state ministry of education and according to one of the protesting teachers, Uche Eze, they have not been paid for over seven months only to be told that their appointments have been terminated

The teachers explained that some of them had worked for over 10 years with the ministry before the last administration decided to hold a recruitment and conversion exercise to make them permanent staff. They were eventually given their appointment letters in November 2021, only to be disengaged months later when Governor Soludo assumed office.

Some of their placards had the inscriptions:

“Give us back our jobs”?; “Why terminate our appointments after seven months of work without pay?”; “We met the criteria; we were duly employed. Please reinstate us”; “Gov Soludo reconsider your stand”; “Assembly please intervene and help save our jobs”.

The teacher said they were asked to go and re-apply in the ongoing online teachers’ recruitment exercise thereby sending them back to the labor market.

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