Sad Poetry in English is a collection of poems written by famous poets that will leave you feeling emotional and inspired.

Poems About Love, Romance, Friendship, Grief, Loss, Pain, etc.

I Am Not A Perfect Person But I Have My Good Points Too

I am not perfect, but I have my good points too. I do not think that I am a bad person, but I do not think that people should judge me because of what I say or do. I am just a human being who has made mistakes and learned from them.

Laugh so much today in this noise, Do not hear sobs

No one dies when someone leaves. Yes, but lifestyles change

I have seen all the joys together. The grief of your departure is greater


He said he would celebrate Eid, I said will you come?

Explain my guilt in this, What do you remember?

Even a moment spent without your memory. At that moment, we hated ourselves


This is the water in my eyes, This is the kindness of a kind person

I heard that there were tears in his eyes today, She was teaching children to write love like this

I was very proud of them. They turned out to be very unfaithful


I am aware of their weakness, I cry and they lose

When are the joys gone? I wish someone could see the sorrows

Just say you don’t have Competible, Why do you give octaves?


This pain that😒😒 I bare i’ll have till I die

I cried today😞😞😞, I can’t tell you why

I cried today😞


I will for a day that that this torture would end😰😰,

With no one beside me😨😨😨, just the thoughts in my head

But when😩😩 I’m down I feel so alone


I feel I’m here only😣😣 because I’m told that they care

At night I think how is this fair☹☹☹

My eyes they sting🙁🙁, my vision is a blur


To the one who is dearest 😱😱 and closest to my heart

But none is clearer😴😴 than committing my days

I can say i love you in so many ways😧😧


What future can I have💔💔💔, all I do seems in vain

My past it still haunts me😭😭, my present is the same,

That I would wake and😥😥 not have to pretend


I’ve never felt this lost while😢😢 the time passes by,

The good times are gone😞😞, and all that I am left to do is mourn

On this day i promise you😠😠 that we will never part


Even these words I slept🙁 and woke up with🙁, are no longer mine these thoughts that I scribble🙁, they think, are no longer divine🙁.

I live in a world now😫😫, where i mean nothing to the people i meet

As it tells me of what all love😡😡 I’ve lost just to make me cry.


And these things ain’t ever going to change so as long😫 😩, as long, you, my beloved are gone.

“I am wrong, I am wrong”😣 😖, this is all I’ve known about me, all lifelong.

Even with my eyes closed, to me🙁 ☹️, all my regrets and and guilts are exposed.


waited upon the hills of life and grass with morning😂😂 dew she was waiting for him; the lights were very dim;

the years of her life were very few😂😂; she kept waiting for something new;

to whomever was meant to be with my cousin😔😔: a heart cracked in two;


Your heart I will never win 😭 😭. Wish I never fell for you.

We haven’t spoken in a while 😭 😭. Dug a hole and pushed me in.

Across the hall I see your smile.🎃


My heart’s no longer in one piece.😞

Lied to me right through your teeth.😢

Your love for me was never true.😢


I just wish I could tell my mother🥺🥺, You pushed me away.

I just wish I could tell my mother💔💔.

This heartbreak is like no other😭😭.


you seem to be better away from me.🙄

I cry almost every time that I see.🙄

My feelings for you🖤 I don’t understand.


Now I’m just from your past.😳

I thought our love will forever last.😳

But it could be you just pulling my✌️ strings.

But it could be you just pulling my✌️ strings.


I love you more than anything☹️.

You’re all I ever have in my head☹️.

Wish that we were friends again😢.


Yanked my heart right out of my chest.😥😫

Then left the crime scene without a sound.💔

Then left the crime scene without a sound.💔

Brought me up then knocked me down.