Throat infections home remedies

Throat infection is an interesting health topic. Imagine having to go through the difficulties of getting food and fluid down your stomach. If you’ve ever been diagnosed of throat infections, you probably will understand what it means to have throat symptoms.

The difficulties to swallow, itchiness and scratchiness, sore throat and pain in throat and ear and swollen lymph; or the horrible feeling of general body pain. Which ever throat symptoms you might have experience, its never an easy moment.

throat infections home remedies

Throat infections are any disorder or a condition that affects the pharynx that makes the throat swell, itch, irritates and dry causing pain and sore in the walls of the throat.

Throat infections can be caused by viral and bacterial infections like the common cold, influenza, sore throat or can be as a result of serious health condition such as head and neck cancer.

Normal throat infections can clear off within a short period of time. Symptoms may range from severe to mild pain and persistent irritations, difficulty when swallowing and change in voice or hoarseness. They may last not more than fourteen days. Any throat symptoms beyond this period should be reported to your health provider as it may be an underlying health problem.

What ever your symptoms may be, you may want to check your cuisine to see if you can prepare something to ease the symptoms.Fact is that throat infections like sore throat can deprive you of sleep even if its isn’t that serious. However you can use at home remedies to soothe or ease the pain.


Honey has been dated back in ages as an effective wound healer. This means its can helps speed up healing for sore throats. Mix honey with warm water or drink alone during the day and before bed. Study shows that, honey is more effective in relieving coughs than normal cough suppressants

Sore throat causes, diagnosis and 3 effective treatments

Salt water

salt is the natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory which has been used for wound healing throughout ages. Gargling salt warm water will help soothe throat infections. With its antiseptic property, salt can kills bacteria in the throat. This will help heal any wound, and clear the throat. you can prepare warm water salt by dissolving half teaspoon of salt in a glass full of warm(not hot) water and gargle down your throat in two hours intervals.

Baking soda water

Another option to throat infections is the baking soda salt water solution. Gargling this mixture can help relieve pain, kill bacteria and prevent the growth of yeast and fungus. You can prepare soda water by mixing one full cup warm water, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Do this every three hours.


Garlic has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial that can help kills bacteria and fungi in your throat. Crush two cloves garlic in one full glass water and allow to settle for thirty minutes. Drink or gargle in two to three hours time interval

Apple cider vinegar

Another home remedy for relieving throat pain and infection is the apple cider vinegar solution. Vinegar has been used to kill bacteria and gems in our foods. This makes it good choice for treating or relieving throat infections. use half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in one full glass water. Drink or gargle to soothe throat symptoms. However do not use this methods if you have open sores in your throat. this remedy should be used mainly during the start of the throat symptoms

Shea butter

This remedy can work for infants. Melted Shea butter can help grease surfaces of throat and eliminate dryness in the throat. Put melted butter in cotton and drip down nose or ear. You should be careful when using this remedy as it can result in Shea butter landing in places not supposed to.

Black pepper

The anti inflammatory in black pepper can help heal inflammations in the throat. However it must not be used when you have open sores as it can cause irritations and pain. Pick few black pepper and add to your drinks. You should do this only on the assurance that you have no open sore.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are anti inflammatory. Drinking a glass of juice of mint leaves can help soothe sores and pain in your throat. Mint leaves work by reducing any inflammations in the body.


Fenugreek as been known and used as at home remedy ingredient to treat many health conditions and relieve pain. Fenugreek has many health benefits. It can also kill bacteria that cause irritations and inflammations. Fenugreek comes in seeds, powders, oils and paste. Which ever is at your disposal use to make tea or add oil to warm water and drink. Despite the powerful health benefits, research suggest pregnant women stay off from fenugreek.


Turmeric also known as the twin ginger, has anti inflammatory which can help relieve pains in the throat and speed up healing of wounds. Grind a thumb-sized fresh turmeric or half teaspoon of the powder and mix in warm water with a pinch of salt. Drink the mixture and repeat two to three hours interval


If you don’t have turmeric, you might want to use ginger. Ginger has anti inflammatory which can heal sores in the throat and help ease pain Grind one thumb-sized fresh ginger or one teaspoon of ginger paste or powder mix with warm water and drink within two to three hours interval.

After home remedies what next?

If all things fail, and you still have throat symptoms after following the home remedy methods, it is advisable to visit your health provider for diagnosis. However over the counter medicines can help treat most viral and bacterial throat infections. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the best medications to be used.

Most throat symptoms may go on its own in short period of time however report immediately to your doctor if symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breath, swollen face, lips, eyes, and choking.
whether using the home remedy or using over the counter medications, certain practices can help speed up the healing process and prevent throat infections.

These includes the following;
⦁ Always stay hydrated. Drink enough water and avoid surgery beverages and candies.
⦁ avoid coming into close contact with people who are sick with an infectious illness like the common cold, influenza, flu or strep throat.
⦁ Avoid spicy and oily foods
⦁ stay away from smoke and chemical fumes that can cause inflammation.
⦁ humidifiers or cool mist can be place in child’s room. Moisture in the air can help relief pain from a sore throat.


Infections of the throat can be caused by many factors which includes infectious diseases like flu, sore throat, strep throat, sexually transmitted diseases and cancer. Always report any symptoms to your health provider as they might be an underlying health problem.
In normal throat symptoms, trying out these natural remedies may help you feel better in short time and saves you the stress of visiting your doctor.