Throat infections symptoms

Throat infections or pharyngitis is any inflammation of the throat vessels that causes pain, redness , scratchiness or itching and swelling in the throat. You will notice the presence of throat infection if you have difficulty in swallowing usually characterized by severe pain. Throat infections can be caused by bacteria, virus fungi or parasite.
The throat, also called the pharynx is an organ in the respiratory and the digestive system that carries air food and fluids to other parts of the body. There are many infections that can affect the throat.

Causative agents are mainly pathogen which includes; bacteria, virus, fungi and parasite. Study reported that virus and bacteria are the most common cause of most throat infections. However minor throat infections like throat cancer can result in symptoms similar to normal throat infections.

Depending on the cause, throat infections symptoms may come and go on its own within a relatively short period. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and may accompanied by fever, cough, swelling lymph and nodes congestion, and a general way of feeling unwell.

What are the symptoms of throat infections

Throat infection symptoms varies greatly in character and its severity depending on the underlying health problem, condition or disorder. However the following are the common symptoms of throat infections;

throat infections symptoms

⦁ Hoarseness; change in the voice such as muffled or an altered speech.,
⦁ dryness in the throat
⦁ Itchiness and tickling in the throat
⦁ sore throat
⦁ swollen tonsils
⦁ pain in the throat
⦁ discomfort when swallowing
⦁ irritation in the throat usually persistent
⦁ mucus build up


What causes throat infections/risk factors of throat infections

Throat infections can be caused by a wide range of conditions, disorders and infectious diseases Some sexually transmitted infections may cause throat symptoms although rare. Frequent exposure to cold may increase your chance for throat infection . Some infectious diseases that causes throat infections are;

⦁ the common cold
⦁ chicken pox
⦁ croup
⦁ influenza
⦁ mononucleosis
⦁ COVID-19
⦁ gonorrhea
⦁ chlamydia
⦁ pharyngitis
⦁ strep throat
⦁ tonsillitis

throat infections

Throat symptoms can be triggered by certain conditions like allergies,head and neck cancers, smoking and dry air

How long should throat infections symptoms last

Normal throat symptoms should last not more than fourteen days. Infections caused by virus should respond to treatment with five to seven days when given antibiotics. Normally bacterial throat infections will go away in two to three days.

Throat cancer can appear in the form of normal throat infections like strep throat with symptoms such as sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, headache and fever or chills. Usually symptoms of throat cancer can recur over a long period of time.

Although some throat infection symptoms may go away on their own without treatments in short time, certain type symptoms can indicate serious underlying health problem or condition. Seek immediate medical help if you experience symptom like swollen eyes, throat, lips, mouth and face and difficulty in breathing.

What other symptoms can occur with throat symptoms

Patients who experience throat symptoms are likely to experience other symptoms in their body altogether which may vary depending on the underlying health condition or disorder like strep throat allergies, gastroesophagus reflux disease, common cold, flu and sinusitis.

You may notice the following symptoms together with throat symptoms;

⦁ malaise or light headedness
⦁ flu-like symptoms like fatigue, fever, cough, headache and general body pains
⦁ nausea and vomiting
⦁ running nose with yellowish mucus discharge
⦁ swollen lymph nodes
⦁ watery and itchy eyes
⦁ itchiness or tickling in the nose and ears.
⦁ loss of appetite or anorexia.

Can throat infections cause complications

Normal throat symptoms may go even without treatments, however throat symptoms which last more than fourteen days may be an underlying health condition or disorder. Seek immediate medical help if you or anyone experience throat symptoms accompanied by swollen neck , face, lips and mouth, shortness of breath, and redness of eyes.

It is advisable to seek medical care if you have persistent throat symptoms. Your health provider will be able to diagnose you and prescribe medications to treat the infection.
Untreated throat symptoms may result in kidney damage and failure,(acute glomerulonephritis) ear infection(otitis media), esophagus and other organ damage, and the potential of spreading cancer and other infections.


Most throat infections can be treated by antibiotics provided by your doctor or health provider. You can eliminate normal throat symptoms by home remedies such as drinking warm water infused with honey; (do not give honey to children under one year) and other anti homemade juice like ginger garlic juice.


Throat infections can affect anyone including children most of which may clear in short period of time. Symptoms may include mild or severe pains in the throat. However certain serious infectious diseases may present in the form of sore throat and other throat symptoms. Speak to your health provider if you have throat symptoms that last more than fourteen days of treatments.


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