Top 10 Universities in the USA That Accept Students With No Financial Need for IELTS – Every international student’s desire is to pursue their academic endeavors in the United States of America. The justification is not implausible; in addition to taking use of the cutting-edge study facilities and hilarious cultures and people, you will undoubtedly earn a degree that is respected across the world. But for many overseas students, the biggest problem is typically a lack of funding.

The top 10 universities in the United States that offer completely subsidized admission are included in this article. Amazingly, you don’t need to meet the standard IELTS/TOEFL requirements to apply to these colleges and their scholarship programs.

What You Need to Know study abroad in the US

  • Tuition fees for international students range from as little as $5,000 to as high as $50,000 per annum.
  • Cost of living in the USA is comparably fair with typical values such as: Internet/phone ($35 – 60); Food ($17 – 42); Rent ($104 – 208); Electricity/gas ($50 – 100);  and Transport (about $36) in average.
  • There are over a million scholarships awarded yearly to international students studying in the United States which runs into billions of dollars in scholarship amount. According to stats, the U.S. Department of Education alone awards an estimated $46 billion in scholarship money annually.
  • American universities/government award fully funded scholarships for reasons such as to promote diplomatic ties with the student’s home countries or to attract the best brains to the States.
  • Students from any nationality can get fully funded scholarships to study in the United States.
  • The United States is particularly very welcoming and supportive to international students. Its diverse cultures and vibrant campuses give a taste of experience that every international student will want to have


Having said that, let’s look at the well-known schools to which you can apply and receive an admissions offer that is completely supported, even without the dreaded English language requirement. Nota Bene: You will always be required to show proof of your language ability in order to receive an IELTS waiver. Consult our article on How to Apply for These US Scholarships Without IELTS as well as our list of the best universities in the USA for applicants without IELTS.

Universities in the United States that provide fully funded admission

As long as the student satisfies certain eligibility requirements, the majority of these schools have specific scholarship programs that are provided at the time of enrollment and can fully cover the cost of the student’s program throughout the study period. the schools;

College of Chicago
With fully financed scholarships, the University of Chicago demonstrates its commitment to assist prospective students who possess leadership traits. This scholarship does not have a specific subject of study requirement. The beneficiaries of the university’s stamps scholarship receive $10,000 in addition to their tuition and housing charges. [Resource Link]

University of Yale
Another outstanding university in the United States that provides options for fully supported admission to foreign students from different nations is Yale. Yale grants recipients financial aid in the form of scholarships totaling more than $50,000. [Resource Link]

University of Duke
In order to develop leaders who will contribute to societal development, Duke University provides the Robertson Scholars leadership program. The complete cost of tuition, housing, and board will be covered for the scholarship recipients. (This link)

Barry College
International students at Barry University are provided with funding over a four-year period to support their academic endeavors. You will receive the whole cost of tuition, housing, transportation, books, and other expenses when you enroll in this university through this program, in addition to the sum of $6000. [Resource Link]

Amherst University
International applicants who meet admissions requirements but lack the funds to cover tuition and other costs are assisted by Amherst College. As soon as a student is accepted to study at Amherst College, their financial need is assessed, and a financial aid package equivalent to 100% of their need is offered. [Helpful Link]

Technology University of California
Students that exhibit leadership abilities are also eligible for funding and admission to the California Institute of Technology. The following advantages are part of this fully subsidized admission:

  • four years’ worth of tuition
  • Payment for the recipients’ lodging
  • increased stipend

Useful Link

Clark College
The Clark University in the United States is the home and supporter of the Global Scholars initiative. Students who have shown exemplary leadership characteristics are awarded this scholarship opportunity. International students who want to enroll in undergraduate programs at Clark University are eligible for a fully funded admissions program that will pay all of their educational expenses. [Helpful Link]

Harvard College
Another institution that provides graduate and undergraduate students with fully supported options to study at the university is Harvard University. This university offers a wide variety of scholarships that can help students with expenses including tuition, travel, and lodging. [Resource Link]

University of Boise
Both domestic and foreign students from the United States of America can enroll at the Boise State University with a variety of fully supported admission options. The actual award amount given by these universities varies depending on a number of factors, including the amount of money available and the applicant’s eligibility. [Resource Link]

College of East Tennessee
International students can apply for fully financed opportunities at the University of East Tennessee depending on their merits. Both new and graduate students can take advantage of the chances. This institution’s grant pays for both maintenance costs and tuition. [Helpful Link]


Benefits of a Fully Funded Admission to Study in the USA

The majority of American colleges that provide completely financed admissions possibilities or fully funded scholarships have the following advantages;

Complete payment of tuition

  • health coverage for those who use it
  • Visa fees
  • Life expenses
  • totally paid for textbooks
  • brand-new technology
  • Free round-trip airline tickets.
  • These are the main advantages of fully subsidized admission that some American universities offer.

How to Enter the United States with Full Funding

In general, it may be difficult to obtain fully subsidized aid to study in the United States. But with the appropriate strategy, it may be as simple as anything. We advise you to use these pointers in your quest for fully sponsored entrance to the United States.