Turnkey Properties – The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

If you’re planning on purchasing your own real estate property suc as turnkey properties , you might be considering buying something that’s already lived in, otherwise known as turnkey property.

It may seem like an easy solution to jumping into the housing market and making some money off of rent, but there are plenty of things you need to know about before making the decision. Here’s what you need to know about turnkey properties before going any further with your search.

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What is a turnkey property?

A turnkey property is a type of property that has been fully renovated and furnished. This can be a good choice for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, or the skills, to take on renovations. However, there are pros and cons with this kind of purchase. On one hand, you get the sense of what your new home will look like before you move in.

On the other hand, it might not be exactly what you want. Plus, if something goes wrong during your ownership period (like breakage) you may need to pay out-of-pocket for any repair costs rather than relying on warranty coverage as most companies will require proof that anything wrong was already present at the time of sale.

How do you find reliable companies?

This is where your research comes in handy. There are many ways to find a turnkey property business, but the easiest way is by looking them up on Google. Search for the keywords turnkey property or rental properties. From there, go through the list of companies that pop up.

Make sure you read through reviews and testimonials from other customers before signing any contracts with these businesses. When it comes to turnkey property management companies, use the same diligence when researching which company to sign a contract with.

Turnkey properties are great when they work out well, but they can also be disastrous if things don’t go according to plan.

What are the benefits of buying such properties?

When it comes to buying a property, turnkey properties are perfect for those looking for the convenience of owning their own home. These properties are already fully-furnished, so you won’t have any hassle when it comes to finding furniture or setting up utilities.

Plus, if there’s anything you need that isn’t included in the house when you purchase it, you can buy them at your discretion. However, just because these properties are less work doesn’t mean they come without drawbacks.

One potential downside is that many of these homes aren’t situated in an ideal location if you want a place near the heart of town, then a turnkey property may not be right for you. Additionally, some buyers might not like how houses often look generic they tend to lack personality and character which some people would prefer.

Finally, if you’re interested in getting into flipping houses as a business endeavor then it would be more beneficial to invest in something else (you could get more bang for your buck).

What are the cons of buying such properties?

1. Buying a turnkey property is expensive.
2. It takes time for the seller to get the property ready for sale or rent, so you may have to wait before the property becomes available.
3. The seller can’t guarantee that the property will be in good condition when you purchase it.
4. Turnkey properties don’t always come with all of the features you want (a pool might not be included, for example).
5. Sellers usually charge more than what they paid for the property, meaning you’ll pay more than if you bought a comparable house on your own and furnished it yourself.

Because turnkey properties are often rented rather than sold, many buyers like them because renters typically take better care of them.
If you do buy a turnkey property, make sure you hire an inspector to check out its condition beforehand.


In conclusion, turnkey properties are a great opportunity for the real estate investor that doesn’t want to deal with all of the hassles that come with a turn-of-the-century fixer upper. It is important, however, to do your homework before signing on the dotted line.

There can be major problems associated with this type of investment so it’s best to know what you’re getting into beforehand. A thorough background check of the previous owner and an inspection by a qualified contractor should be required before closing any deals.
If you’re thinking about investing in a turnkey property, make sure you know what you’re getting into!